Irony and the Ecofascist State.

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I though it deserved its own post

Please make sure to click through the links – they are very relevant, and will help you to learn about the issues.

Not so fast Redmond. I wouldn’t be so quick to pull the Audi television ad. Don’t you think the ad explicitly shows that environmentalists are fascist? An old saying comes to mind, something about giving people enough rope.

It is too perfect that a German company would release an advertisement like that, perhaps even ironic. And the irony isn’t lost on the viewers on YouTube judging by some of the comments.

My Response

Hi Greg

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read my post and comment!

Unfortunately the idea of punishing people for their “Eco-crimes” is all too mainstream. We have been punishing private companies for years, it was only a matter of time before we started punishing private citizens. Witness fines for improperly sorted garbage, and sin taxes on SUVs. These are all a type of punishment for what society considers to be negative behaviors. Excessive cigarette taxes or alcohol taxes are the same thing.

As for the irony of it, I don’t put much stock in bored teenagers and hipster starbucks employees. Irony is a defense mechanism for dismissing something as not worth considering. And to a large extent I think it has destroyed our political discourse, it makes it too easy to not care.

Hey dudes, the NAZIs totally killed six million Jews and eight million Russians and caused the expulsion of thirteen million ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe resulting in the death of six million of them, now the car company that Hitler started is joking about secret green police taking people away for having a styrofoam coffee cup! So funny dude.”

Witness George bush making an “ironic” joke about “the missing WMD” in Iraq. Given the number of soldiers and Iraqi citizens who died for that lie, it is surprising it didn’t create more outrage. Ah but it was ironic wasn’t it?

Richard Nixion, who is widely considered to be a tarnished president, had enough respect for the American People and their sacrifice not to take the war in Vietnam lightly. Can you imagine him making a joke in front of the Nation about the Gulf of Tonkin?  But the Rpublicans in that room said “that’s a good one Bush, we all knew there were no WMDs!” In fact the whole nation was in on the joke as it seemed like nobody cared.


Ask the parents of a dead soldier if they think their sons death was ironic.

Ask the 100 000  dead Iraqis if they thought it was ironic.

As the wedding guests in Pakistan who are killed by a predator drone if they think it is ironic.

Ask a slave labour camp worker who built some of the first Volkswagen if they think it is ironic.

Ask a gypsy who was stopped at checkpoint and sent to a Death Camp if they thought it was ironic.

Ask a family of Jews who were seized from their house while they were sleeping if it was ironic.

Ask the millions of German women and girls who were raped by Russian Soldiers if it was ironic.

Ask the Japanese Civilians incinerated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki if it was ironic.

Ask why everyone is being so ironic in the face of these crimes against humanity.

Irony in fact is why the “Daily Show” is quite ineffective at fomenting real change or outrage. But I’ll address that in a future post.

Back to “Green Police.”

This is an excellent example of fringe views migrating to the mainstream. Read “Rebel Sell” to see how it happened to the 60’s counterculture movement and environmentalism. There was a point when the idea of checkpoints on our roads would have been abhorrent to most people, now we acquiesce in the name of stopping drunk drivers. So why not have checkpoints for other things? It sounds reasonable, and we “know” we are destroying the planet. You know some people out there would like to have checkpoints for Eco-crimes.

According to a fair number of environmentalists the entire population of the western world is committing Eco-crimes. I think the idea of criminalizing the entire population for completely normal behavior is a very dangerous thing. Because what it really says is guilty until proven innocent. And that goes against our fundamental civil rights. So when politicians start talking about environmental SWAT teams, you should take this seriously. Why exactly are we criminalizing people for breathing? The EPA now says that humans emit a toxic gas – which incidently is plant food and is essential to all life on this planet. And why are we doing this because Al Gore say he was visited by Gaia in his sleep, and he was told to make that science fiction movie?

Look at how well the war on drugs has worked out in the US, have you ever smoked a joint? The the state sees you as a criminal – do you think you should be prosecuted for that action? How about the person who provided you with the marijuana? Should they spend ten years in jail for their “crime” of selling you that illegal drug? And prohibition before it – have had an alcoholic beverage? The state at one time considered you a criminal – does having a beer feel like a criminal action?

The attitude of anything for safety that seems to be persuasive these days is a very dangerous one. It is very easily abused by those in power. In this culture of fear we are all too willing to trade our rights for perceived safety. And the Greens favourite tools are fear and guilt.

Oh yeah but having the state strip search you electronically, recording it, and having your image provide entertainment for the unprofessional “guards” is so ironic. Look at my fat butt and my wifes big tits, not to mention my 7 year old sons penis!!! so funny dude.

That is why I am outraged, and that is why I would like others to be outraged.

You might like to know that Volkswagen and Audi did quite a bit of background research on this, like the do for every ad campaign and consulted Jewish groups. Much to their chagrin it turned out there actually was a Gestapo Unit known as the “Green Police”. Isn’t that ironic.

The deep greens and their fellow travelers are very serious about promoting their agenda. They don’t think it is funny or ironic at all.

They have manifestos

They have instruction manuals

We need to hold them to account for their deeply held misanthropic beliefs, and expose them to the public. We need to make the companies that tacitly support them renounce these outrageous lies they have told.

Make them answer the questions – what are you willing to do to save the planet? How far would you go? Do you believe in Democracy? Should we charge politicians with crimes? Should we force women to have only one child and practice forced abortions on those who do not toe the line?

We have to make the useful idiots answer these questions.

It is about time the public found out what their agenda really is all about.

Zero impact means Zero growth and Zero humans.

Does sound like Utopia to you?

Oh but it is so ironic.

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4 responses to “Irony and the Ecofascist State.

  1. Lee

    This is quite good. It reads like you think. Which is with links. Ha ha. Keep it up. I like the green Nazi banner at the top. Classic. Greenpeace and the Green Party are very fringe. But the fringe is shocking.

    Someone sent me a video from PETA about animal abuse in China, with people beating raccoons with baseball bats and I couldn’t sit through the whole thing. Was it necessary? Probably not. Why not have a better plan of attack where everyone will want to read or hear your message. Next PETA message I get, I will just delete.

    Lee Out.

  2. Here is another issue in Northern Ontario. This is a link to a recent broadcast about it. This researcher thinks there is no reason why logging and caribou can’t exist together.

    Here is the link for Morning North, the local morning show. This morning (Feb. 22, 2010) there is a follow-up – it will probably be up later today – worth listening to – particularly in light of “humans as an endangered species in the north.” Needless to say, the south counts their success in # of acres “protected”.

  3. I’m considered “legally insane” in some circles because I’ve done acid six times, but the same companies that manufactured buses designed to suffocate my relatives think it’s perfectly sane to tell me I deserve to be fined for my failure to drive a diesel automobile or not “properly” sorting my trash.

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