Paging Miss Moneypenny


Somewhere along the line, I think we have all forgotten what the meaning of “Free Market” is.

The Americans Haven’t had one for almost one hundred years – contrary to what is portrayed in the MSM

That is – one that is free from government intervention.

To quote George Reisman, with regards to the statements of the Political Class that “Laissez Faire” was to blame for the latest recession/depression

The mentality displayed in these statements is so completely and utterly at odds with the actual meaning of laissez faire that it would be capable of describing the economic policy of the old Soviet Union as one of laissez faire in its last decades. By its logic, that is how it would have to describe the policy of Brezhnev and his successors of allowing workers on collective farms to cultivate plots of land of up to one acre in size on their own account and sell the produce in farmers’ markets in Soviet cities. According to the logic of the media, that too would be “laissez faire” — at least compared to the time of Stalin.

The suggestions listed at this website – A newspaper that claims to be the financial voice of the Canada, would create an entirely fictional market – it would be a market, by and for the American Taxpayer – National Socialism on a massive scale, but with the veneer of “private” ownership.

These suggestions would be laughable, if they weren’t in a paper that claims to support free markets.

I might also add that Japan has suffered under 20 years of stagnation, because of policies such as these.

I have rebutted each point below.

Intervene in the stock market directly

Effectively you would socialize the stock market – Prop up stock prices by issuing government debt – so TARP was not enough? Now the stock “market” is the troubled asset?

Why would anyone believe that the stock price was valid, if it is based on a government subsidised inflation? Maybe the Government could buy up all the stocks, and then simply distribut them to average Americans – buy out the “wealthy” classes, who could then flee the country – leaving pepole to “high frequency” trade as a method of online entertainment.

Max Kaiser calls it the “Casino Gulag”

With the “money” you made, you could purchase food from the government run grocery store

Enough government debt, and the entire USA will be the troubled asset – who will relieve it?

We could call it TARP 2 – Troubled American Relief Program

The Chinese have been doing their part for the last 10 years – Maybe the UN can bail out the USA.

Buy up homes directly

So all of these homes would now become the property of the federal government? How would that prop up home prices? Instead of “private” banks holding unused houses that no-one could afford, the government would own them.

It would be only a matter of time before the government began giving them away. In order to Stimulate the Aggregate Demand of course – I have noticed that demand goes up infinitely when something is free – especially something as “valuable” as a house

Maybe the government could lend directly to potential homeowners in order to buy houses that the government owns – eliminate the middle man as it were(those banks wont lend anyways – how unpatriotic). With any luck they could score a government job – since the government seems to be he only one hiring these days.

So the homeowners could work for the government, live in a house owned by the government, pay down a mortgage owed to the government, and maybe get some help paying for the artificially inflated food by getting government foodstamps – that would be redeemed by retailers with the government.

And the Government would then be collecting taxes from itself! So in essence, the workers would own the means of production!

“The Government pretends to pay us and we pretend to work” Would be the new motto of the American Worker.

Did Marx know it would be this easy?

Promise to not raise rates for 10 years

When was the last time a government kept a promise? And everyone knows that this is an artificial stimulant – why would people take on more debt?

Give small businesses access to the discount window

Is it that small businesses are dying for loans? Or that small businesses have already accumulated too much debt and are not applying for any more loans?

I have got another plan for small businesses that want to expand – save your earnings and re-invest in your company – don’t go into debt.

As for the “Zombie” banks that are holding onto their money tightly – they followed the Feds lead for the last 8 years – look where it got them.

Create a negative interest rate that only applies to the savings of large businesses

So steal money from companies? Because they don’t want to go bankrupt? Who is writing this? A member of the radical left? Why wouldn’t a company just up and leave America?

I am sure the Chinese don’t steal from private companies!

You are welcome to move to Canada.

Buy gold

That is the surest way to devalue your dollar, and make everything you import from China that much more expensive – an inflationary recession – just what the doctor ordered.

So with the US dollar the world reserve currency, you suggest the Federal Reserve do the one thing that signals mistrust of fiat currency.

Buy Gold.

And that would create an inflationary depression.

Buy other stuff directly

What? That is the surest way to starve the American public. Right now Americans are getting poorer – prices coming down would be a relief to them.

But I guess the Government could offset the higher prices by printing more food stamps – 40 million Americans on food stamps… So the Feds could raise the cost of food and then subsidize the expensive food – what is the point? Fight the “Obesity” epidemic?

Artificially raising food prices is one of the craziest things I have ever heard – it is the one sure thing that would lead to a rebellion.

Lend money directly to Greece, Spain, and Hungary

Why? Let them fail! So now the taxpaying Americans are expected to become the International Nanny state? Propping up unproductive Countries like they do unproductive Corporations? What next? Bail out the whole world?

Here is an idea of what it is like in Greece.

In 2001 the government still controlled many sectors of the economy through state-owned banks and industries, and its public sector accounted for approximately half of Greece’s gross domestic product

I haven’t found the source yet, but it is said that 22% of Greeks work for the government.

As for Spain, their massive overinvestment in inneficient “green” technologies is now biting them in the ass.

Let them enjoy their eco-friendly and ultimately poorer lifestyle – it is what the environmental activists want in any case isn’t it?

Buy up auto and student loans

Since the US Federal Government already owns GM and Chrysler, why don’t you just go one further – give cars away for free! That will stimulate aggregate demand! In fact I will move to the USA just to get a free car – you could give cars away to the whole world!

As for student Loans, you could nationalize all schools, make education free as well, and pay the teachers with food stamps.

That burdensome student loan only hurts the economy.

Welcome to the USASR.



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2 responses to “Paging Miss Moneypenny

  1. Yahoo – welcome back with a bang!

  2. Ray

    “As for student Loans, you could nationalize all schools, make education free as well, and pay the teachers with food stamps.”

    Already halfway there.

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